For a 2019 of quality apprenticeships!

The European Apprentices Network is happy to welcome 2019, which marks its 3 anniversary!

Our new years’ resolutions for 2019 are marked by our commitment to work for the realisation of our 7 priorities, advocating for the representation of apprentices in all matters that concern their experience in the education and job market.

Too often still, apprenticeships are viewed as a second-option in learning careers, and through the network wish to engage daily for a new image of apprenticeships, also sharing our testimonies and our voices at different events, being the ambassadors of a new vision of this educational path.

In 2019, we will work on fostering our network and making sure that we represent the voice of apprentices in European policy-making, but also we will be working with employers and employers’ representatives in making sure that the rights of apprentices are taken into account, advocating for the implementation of our priorities through apprenticeships’ quality criteria.

You can follow our events on Twitter or contact us here.

We look forward to start our new working year!

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