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The European Apprentices Network (EAN) is a network of apprentices, youth organisations and other bodies related to apprenticeships at the European level. EAN was established in 2017 to ensure that young apprentices both in secondary and third-level education are shaping the discussion and policymaking related to VET, in particular for apprenticeships.

In the past 5 years we have contributed to several policy agendas, such as the Council Recommendations on Quality and Effective Apprenticeships, gathered the voice of young apprentices through surveys and meetings at the local level and developed priorities and policy positions such as the ones on the Osnabruck Declaration and on Apprenticeships in the post-Covid19 era. We want to continue developing, learning together and understanding the needs of apprentices in Europe to be able to better represent them and engage them in promoting their rights.

The Network can be composed of up to 10 individuals, 15 national organisations and 8 European organisations which elect a steering group of 6 people, balanced across it’s 3 groups of members. And this is where you come in! Come and join us as a representative!

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