Our work

The network meets 4 times a year, alongside the meetings of European Alliance for Apprenticeships. Members of the network are also working in between the physical meetings, using online discussion spaces, as well as through individual participation in events (you can invite them to your event as well!)

Role of the Network

  • To develop the views of young people on apprenticeships through exchanging experiences and best practices, discussing challenges, sharing information on important educational policies and research developments,etc.
  • To function as an informal consultative body of the European Commission on apprenticeships, particularly for the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA), by providing input to EC proposals/ initiatives, events, EAfA meetings, etc.
  • To facilitate contacts between youth organisations and other actors of apprenticeships, especially members of EAfA.
  • To develop a concrete proposal for a larger and more consolidated European Network of Apprentices, as of 2019.