Representatives of EAN at first EAfA meeting of 2018

anna fredTwo representatives of EAN – Anna Mäkipää and Frédéric Piccavet are joining the first meeting of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships on the 22 of February in Brussels, to present the final version of the Priorities document, that EAN has developed over the first year of its functioning.

Since the first meeting in early 2017, the members of the network have been debating what are the priority issues from the point of view of apprentices, and how to present them to the decision makers. The work concluded in November 2017, with a final version of the document being launched during the February 2018 meeting. The presentation also brings attention to what different stakeholders can do to get involved with the priorities stated by apprentices.

The seven priorities are:

  1. Quality education and quality assurance
  2. Rights, responsibilities and protection
  3. Legally binding agreements
  4. Representation
  5. Promoting apprenticeships
  6. Anti-discrimination
  7. Accessible information

You can consult the full document here.

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