EAN speaks at European Commissions and ILO High-level event on the future of Apprenticeships

EAN  speaks at European Commissions and ILO High-level event on the future of Apprenticeships

The European Apprentices Network was represented by Matthäus Fandrejewski (CESI Youth) at  the high-level conference of the European Commission and the International Labor Organization on 16 March 2021. Experts from all over the globe assessed the development of the past years and ventured an outlook on future challenges in vocational education and training in Europe.

Matthäus, spoke about the importance of European and international standards. “In the pandemic our mobility is limited, but we know that the labour market of the future will be the European one. Therefore, the barriers that still prevent young people from taking full advantage of Europe’s opportunities must go,” said Matthäus, referring to the recognition of qualifications in Europe.

“The time is ripe for more Europe and more sense for the common global challenges,” Fandrejewski continued. He added that it is necessary to orient vocational education and training more strongly towards sustainable innovations, especially in view of climate change, and to intensify the international exchange on excellent vocational education and training. “Sustainability-oriented qualification significantly increases professional opportunities and thus secures jobs,” Fandrejewski was convinced, who also spoke about the importance  young workers representations throughout Europe.

Find the Youtube video here.

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