Meet the new members of the EAN!

Wonder we have been doing in 2020? Well, we have been recruiting a bunch of new passionate members!

In the past 2 years, we piloted our cooperation as individuals, European representation bodies and National VET students and apprentices representations and it was a success! In just two years, we have been recognised as a relevant voice in debates concerning apprenticeships and vocational education and training, thanks to our strong cooperation with the European Commission and the European Alliance for Apprenticeships. Some of our highlights include the creation of our 7 priorities, the contribution to the Council Recommendations on Quality Apprenticeships and the current #AskTheApprentice survey, with which we are collecting information on quality of apprenticeships from the learners’ perspective. 

From 2020 we started expanding our membership to encompass active individual apprentices looking to develop new representation structures where none exists, a collaborative network of the existing apprentice representation bodies, (such as yourselves) and the European organisations active in the field of apprenticeships. The network is now composed of members from national apprentices representation bodies, individual members and European organisations which support and represent apprenticeships. Among those there are members from Denmark (FHO and EEO), UK (NSoA), France (ANAF), Germany (DBB and DGB), Finland (OSKU and SAKKI), Norway (EO); European organisations like OBESSU, ETUC Youth, CESI Youth and IFA and individuals from Turkey, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia and Croatia. 

In our first meeting in June, in which we also welcome Ann, Diana and Norbert from the European Commission, we discussed our priorities and started planning the work ahead.

We look forward to working together over the next years!

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