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alicia smallAlicia Herrera

I am a 20 years old Spanish student. I am an apprentice myself, I studied mechatronics and I am currently doing my work placement in Mercedes-Benz, Spain.

I have a great interest in issues related to access to information during the internship period. I also find very important the anti-discrimination aspect, as all students should be equally treated.

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Alex Rollason

I am the current NUS Wales Deputy President. I am the first apprentice ever to be elected as a sabbatical officer anywhere in the UK in the history of NUS.

Before coming into office, I had already been involved with NUS including as part of the National Society of Apprentices Leadership, and was an engineering apprentice at Coleg Cambria, where I was also involved with the students’ union.



Alkistis Giogioualkistis

I come from Greece and I am currently living and working as an attorney in my birthplace, Thessaloniki.

For the past 13 years I have been providing vocational orientation and general training to school students in the framework of the institution of “Professional Orientation at Schools”. Undoubtedly, it is of utmost importance that equal labour rights are recognized to apprentices, who should also be able to enjoy access to social protection. As a lawyer myself, I find it truly essential that their rights, responsibilities, duties and the specific terms of their apprenticeship should be clearly recorded in legally binding agreements, with all possible consequences for both parties.

To this direction, I am very interested in providing accessible information to apprentices, not only regarding the existing opportunities, but also their rights and all available mechanisms to report and address violations during their apprenticeship.

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anna smallAnna Mäkipää

I am Finnish who lives in Turku, works in Helsinki.

I work as a secretary general in National Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI). The union represent 170 000 VET students in Finland. Besides my job, I am studying Specialist Qualification in Management (specialist vocational qualification).

I am interested in student centered learning and student participation. I believe the quality of education must be based on strong student representation.

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Beatrice Tori

I am a twenty-five-year old Italian student. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Milan, while I now live in Trieste where I am finishing my studies in Naval Engineering.

For the next few months I have become an apprentice in the Maritime Technologies Cluster of my Region, where I am a Technical Researcher.

I firmly believe in the need to increase integration between the world of education and research and that of work, in order to improve both and make information and knowledge more accessible.

I am really interested in topics concerning the development of youth training and I believe that trying to create a solid network of sharing at European level is a great opportunity for growth.

EleEleonora Lomazzi

I am Italian, and I live and work in Italy.

I am currently an apprentice myself.

My goal is to work towards sharing of policies and content of apprenticeships throughout Europe, in order to standardize best practices and improve apprenticeships’ quality and outcome. I also support activities focused on increasing European apprenticeships’ accessibility for non-native English speakers, with the European Apprentices Network acting as a bridge between local realities and global challenges

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fred smallFrédéric Piccavet

I am a Flemish student and youth representative from Belgium.

In the last few years, I have been a student representatives and was active at the regional Educational Council. At the European Youth Forum, I represent the interests of the young people from Flanders.

For me, accessible information is and will always be my key priority. It is of utmost importance that all stakeholders should provide better & more accessible information on apprenticeship programs. Furthermore, apprenticeships should be learner centered and should focus foremost on quality education.

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Leonardo Miodrag

I am a Multimedia Design and Communication student in Denmark, born and raised in Croatia where I was part of vocational education during high school.

President of StudyLife, a non-profit student organization located in Aalborg, Denmark as well as an active member of European Youth North Denmark.

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Foto_Stolz_ManuelManuel Stolz

My name is Manuel and I am from Austria. I am currently working at a special labour union in my country. Before i started this job, I represented the Austrian National Youth Council at the European Youth Forum.

​I did an apprenticeship as a metal worker. After that I worked one year for the Austrian labour Union. In this work, I could see the main problems and the advantages of the Austrian apprenticeship system. When I worked at the socialist youth in Austria, I also had to deal with topics around the apprenticeship-system.

I could collect many experiences around that topic during the last five years. I think it is very important to invest much money and much thoughts into a good and successful apprenticeship-system. It is the backbone of our economic success.

In the last 5 five years I dealt very intensive with that topic. In my Job, but also in many political groups in Austria. I read many applications and was part of many working groups to improve the apprenticeship system in Austria.

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Matthäus smallMatthäus Fandrejewski

I am born in Poland, grew up and spend 24 years of my life in Germany. Now I am living and studying in Paris/France and working in Brussels/Belgium.

​I have done a three year apprenticeship as a public service officer. After this I hold a four year mandate in an Apprentices council (Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung) in my administration. Since 2013 I am president of CESI Youth wich is an European Trade Union Confederation representing workers and apprentices from 22 countries.

I strongly believe that young apprentices need better social protection thats why I am mostly focusing my work on “Rights, responsibilities and protection”. This rights and responsibilities have to be written in binding agreements – thats why I am also focusing on this topic. As I have done by myself an internship abroad in Dublin during my apprenticeship I am also very interested in mobility programs for apprentices.

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Panayiotis Krashias

I am a young professional currently living and working in Cyprus with EU funded projects.

As a project coordinator of ETEN ( European Training and Education Network), I have extensive experience related to Vocational Education and Training System in Cyprus.

I’ve studied Modern Languages and European Studies and the last few years I was living in Belgium working for the European Parliament.

I am an active person in the NGO sector in Cyprus as I believe in the importance they play in positively redefining the society’s priorities.

I enjoy travelling and reading books. I am a human rights activist and I dream of a word that every young person should have access to the right to autonomy, development and participation.

My favourite quote is “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.”


Peter smallPeter Hybschmann

I am Danish and live in Denmark.

I am representing the VET students of Denmark, as I am International Officer of the Danish Vocational and Technical School Students Union.

For me, it is very important that the VET students feel represented towards the different levels of government. As I represent the Danish VET students, I am doing my part to make sure this is done in the best way possible, and that the students’ voices are being heard.

One of my own personal goals, through my representative work, is to assure quality education to the school students throughout Europe. I want to make sure that the educational system is better when I am done with my representation, than before I started. I think I owe this to the students I represent.
Because of this, the two of our key priorities I am mostly involved in, is priority one, Quality education and quality assurance, and priority four, Representation.

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rebeka smallRebeka Gremi

I am from Albania , living and studying there.

I represent VET students in my country.

I am a strong advocate for Rights, responsibilities and protection and Legally binding agreements.

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Sidney Haberland

My name is Sidney, I am German and was born and raised in the north of Germany where I still work and live today. I am currently doing my apprenticeship at KulturLife as an office management assistant.

KulturLife is a non-profit cultural exchange organization and through that work I developed my interest for international issues. I have done an internship abroad in England last year. Because of that experience I want every apprentice to have the chance to be part of a mobility program.

As a member of the European apprentice network I want to help young people to reach their full potential.


Board member of the European Youth Forum responsible for EAN 

zuzannaZuzana Vaneckova

I am born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, where I am living now as well.

I have been working on topic of quality apprenticeship as a part of my role of board member of European Youth Forum responsible for Social and Economic Inclusion. I have also worked several years in HR departments so I have also experience from “the other side”.

I am mostly passionate about quality educational aspects, social rights and discrimination, especially fight against the gender stereotypes.

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Board member of OBESSU responsible for EAN

Rob O’Donnell

I am Irish, living in Dublin but from a rural area. I am studying to be an engineer, but am also passionate about student and apprentice rights.
I represent VET and apprentices in Europe through my role as Board member of OBESSU. I believe that apprenticeships need to be seen as education for a career, and not just training for a job.
I enjoy travelling, learning languages and volunteering in my spare time.
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