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Alex Rollason

I am the current NUS (National Union of Students) Wales Deputy President. I am the first apprentice ever to be elected as a sabbatical officer anywhere in the UK in the history of NUS. Being a sabbatical officer means that I hold a full-time trust-based position in the Students Union, and that I am the first apprentice to hold this position. 

Before coming into office, I had already been involved with NUS including as part of the National Society of Apprentices Leadership, and was an engineering apprentice at Coleg Cambria, where I was also involved with the students’ union.

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Adam Skokan

My name is Adam and I’m living in Prague. I represent my high school as part of management and I am the there as manager for the European actions. A 4th-grade student too.
As a member of leadership in the Association of virtual and augmented reality, I do a lot of projects including a lot of technologies, collaboration with schools and companies. I was a director of Czech VR fest 2019 too.
Now I am focusing on student projects, helping youth in the Czech Republic to be active and involved in possibilities.





Beatrice Tori

I am a twenty-five-year-old Italian student. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in Milan, while I now live in Trieste where I am finishing my studies in Naval Engineering.

For the next few months, I have become an apprentice in the Maritime Technologies Cluster of my Region, where I am a Technical Researcher.

I firmly believe in the need to increase integration between the world of education and research and that of work, in order to improve both and make information and knowledge more accessible.

I am really interested in topics concerning the development of youth training and I believe that trying to create a solid network of sharing at the European level is a great opportunity for growth.

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Leonardo Miodrag

I am a Multimedia Design and Communication student in Denmark, born and raised in Croatia where I was part of vocational education during high school.

President of StudyLife, a non-profit student organization located in Aalborg, Denmark as well as an active member of European Youth North Denmark.

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Matthäus smallMatthäus Fandrejewski

I am born in Poland, grew up and spend 24 years of my life in Germany. Now I am living and studying in Paris/France and working in Brussels/Belgium.

​I have done a three year apprenticeship as a public service officer. After this I hold a four year mandate in an Apprentices council (Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung) in my administration. Since 2013 I am president of CESI Youth wich is an European Trade Union Confederation representing workers and apprentices from 22 countries.

I strongly believe that young apprentices need better social protection thats why I am mostly focusing my work on “Rights, responsibilities and protection”. This rights and responsibilities have to be written in binding agreements – thats why I am also focusing on this topic. As I have done by myself an internship abroad in Dublin during my apprenticeship I am also very interested in mobility programs for apprentices.

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Michael Hooper

I am a Board Member in the National School Student Union of the Netherlands focusing on VET: Jongeren Organisatie Beroepsonderwijs. JOB is the national youth organization that gives VET students a voice in education. I study in the VET College Hilversum. In JOB and in the European Apprentices Network I want to learn from the different school student unions, school student councils and hear more on the apprentices perspective.






Jismell Reyes

I’m 29 years old ex-apprentice. I come from Dominican Republic but I have lived in Spain all my life. 

I always dreamed about science, I wanted to become a relevant Chemist hence I enrolled to University hoping to fulfill my expectations. Sadly, personal issues got in the way and forced me to drop out for three years. In this gap time I discovered other parts of me: The worried part while asking myself what I was going to do, the impatience part while trying to overcome my issues as soon as possible and the more important part of myself the never give up part when I discovered that I could enroll to a vocational training in chemistry. 

I managed to succeed the program, I was hired in Leitat Technological center and after some time my company asked me if I would want to participate in a launching network for students to students called “alianza somos FP dual” focused on vocational training.   That’s how I ended up being part of EAN. 

I truly believe in all vocational trainings around Spain and Europe. My goal while forming part of EAN is having the possibility to reach and inform students that may find themselves as lost as I felt when I was forced to drop out my degree. I want to contribute to furthering the communication between Spain and Europe and improving the quality of the vocational education in Spain as well as Europe. 


rebeka smallRebeka Gremi

I am from Albania, living and studying there.

I represent VET students in my country.

I am a strong advocate for Rights, responsibilities and protection and Legally binding agreements.

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